The Best in Heritage 2014 – Call for papers

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-27 om 21.11.59The Best in Heritage is an annual survey of award-winning museum, heritage and conservation projects. Organised under special patronage of International Council of Museums and in partnership with Europa Nostra under special patronage if ICOM, it is supported by The City of Dubrovnik and Croatian Ministry of Culture. The conference programme features examples of best practices from the field of museums and heritage.The conference will take place at Dubrovnik, 25-287 september 2014

Twenty-four laureates awarded in 2013, coming from all over the world, will present their achievements and take part in Q&A sessions and moderated panels. The 13th edition of the conference will host the pre-conference event “Dialogue Day” on September 25th, in collaboration with ECultValue project and European Museum Forum, and Post-conference symposium “Efficiency and excellence in the public memory sector” on 28th.

The Useful Heritage Efficiency and excellence in the public memory sector Our claim is that all heritage organisations and institutions (museums, conservation, libraries, archives, hybrid and cyber institutions, heritage actions and networks) continue to demonstrate a constant convergence of theories and practices and the need for a common science. This science in the making is a cohesion factor for the many diverse heritage occupations which each have their own theories (e.g. Museology, Archivistics, Librarianship, Computer science etc.). Besides sharing ICT and theory, the heritage sector also shares a focus on visitors and users and the same mission in society: we all want to turn the heritage from the past into a noble and scientifically based wisdom that can then be used for the harmonious development of our society.
Those shared values, together with the analysis of good daily practice, from eco-museums to citizen heritage action, should be the leitmotiv of the papers. This call for papers is in fact a plea for like-minded sympathizers and allies to join us in the project of a future grand profession, uniting all our heritage occupations in a concerted effort to turn our collective public memories into a Useful Heritage. Deadline is April 15th 2014! For more information about submission please visit:

Location / city / area: Dubrovnik
Country: Croatia
Organisation: European Heritage Association
Organisation website:

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