Keys to Rome exhibition

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-09 om 23.16.59As part of preparations for the Keys to Rome exhibition(see the video below), the Allard Pierson Museum has developed a pilot interactive that was shared with a wider audience for the first time on 20 January. The Keys To Rome exhibition is a wide and challending exhibition that will open the 23rd of September in 4 important museums around the world at the same time: Alexandia (Alexandria Library), Amsterdam (Allard Pierson Museum), Rome (Imperial Fora Museum) and Sarajevo (City Hall and City Museum). The video is a presentation of this astonishing event soon accessible to the visitors.

Although the system was not completely ready yet, it hopefully gave the attendees of the Virtual Museum Meetup on January 20 2014 a good idea of its possibilities. Some useful discussions were held during the session, which fed into the further development of the installation.

The pilot interactive, called the Domus Project, aims to virtually contextualize objects from the collection of the Allard Pierson Museum. To do this, the interactive has been broken up into two parts. First, the visitor will use physical interaction to explore a virtual Roman house and collect 7 objects from the Allard Pierson Museum. This concept of re-contextualising museum objects proved to throw up some interesting interaction challenges. Particularly finding the balance between the level of instruction that is given to visitors and the amount of freedom that is allowed to explore the house. It was important for the museum to give visitors control over their experience, without running the risk of them getting lost in the house or failing to find any objects.

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