ICT tools in formal and non-formal education?

The course “ICT tools in formal and non-formal education” is a range of presentations, lectures and workshops that cover important topics as: location-based tools in the learning process (augmented reality & GPS), storing and sharing information through QR codes & Near Field Communication (NFC), building groups through social networks and their use in non-formal education (Facebook, Google+), the use and power of video in teaching (Youtube, Vimeo, Ustream), online tasks, addressing cyber bullying and phishing, digital strategy, non-formal and alternative forms of education, expectations and learning methods of different groups.

The 5-day course will be held in Budapest and is now available to educators everywhere at a price of €850. This includes room and board, transportation to and from the airport and also covers the course fee.

For more information on the course, please visit: http://eutraining.vermis.hu/contact/

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