future of Archaeological Research (and presentation)?

On LinkedIn, in the Cultural Heritage Connections Group,Nigel J. Hetherington, CEO & Partner at Past Preservers Productions, shared an intriguing news item about the technology that enabled Nicholas Reeves to discover the lost tomb of Nefertiti,hidden inside Tutankhamun’s tomb; “technology hand in hand with conservation”. A Flash based viewer application based on Openzoom technology has been developed to navigate through the high resolution photographic data scanned at the tomb. One can imagine that the scans can be very useful for both interpretation/education and to find out how to preserve and present the tomb.

The High Resolution Image Viewer is a project by the Factum Foundation, an organisation dedicated to demonstrating that the way we understand the original object is part of a dynamic process and not a fixed state of being.
Check for yourself: http://www.factumfoundation.org/pag/2…

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