Easy multitouch table presentations

Show your images, text and video on Microsoft Surface™ with TipTile from Onwijs

TipTile in action

TiptileTiptile is an easy to use package for making and viewing presentations for multi-touch tables in an educational or cultural environment.
Make your Surface unit the interactive centerpiece of any exhibition.

• Great hands-on experience for any end user
• True multi user interface with intuitive controls
• Show vulnerable and unique materials like manuscripts to anybody
• Combine image, text and video
• Background music for atmosphere
• It’s really easy to make new presentations

With Tiptile, you can quickly and easily make presentations using your own or supplied images and video and make these available to your pupils, visitors or customers.
Its capabilities result in a professional look, quick setup, and a better and more interactive user experience for all age groups. Unlike other products that require professional operators and designers you can master Tiptile design and operation in a day.

Two parts: viewer and editor
1. Viewer

TipTile in action

The viewer displays Tiptiles on the multi-touch table. Users are attracted to the table by background music and subtle animation of the thumbnails on the Tiptile.

They can open, rotate and stretch items containing images, video or text and share their experience. The interface is extremely easy to use, so people from all ages, both very young and very old, can enjoy using it within seconds. Selecting an tile is as easy as touching it.

And they never leave a mess. The viewer detects inactivity and responds by quietly cleaning up the table and restarting the animations for new users.

The viewer can start automatically or from the Surface launcher. When you have multiple presentations, each presentation will be shown separately in the launcher.

2. Editor

TipTile editor

The editor is how we combine our framework with your content. It will let you create your very own TipTiles. A basic TipTile can be ready in as little as five minutes, but there are more advanced options that will help you create a real multitouch multimedia experience. After opening a new TipTile you can start filling it with images, video or sound clips. Tiptile accepts a range of image, sound and video formats.

Select an icon, a preview image, a title and a description and your TipTile is ready to install.

Naturally you will want to go back and enrich the Tiptile by adding more:
• background music, to create an appropriate atmosphere
• a background tabletop
• extra text, explaining or adding to the tiles
• still pictures as thumbnails for video or sound

Demonstration video

About the developers

Onwijs [ɔɱwɛis] works to solve the needs of mid-size companies and non-profit organizations like schools, libraries and museums. They specialise in educational and informational multimedia projects for different audiences. Onwijs has been active for over fifteen years. Since 2008 they have developed several projects involving multitouch technology, more specifically the Microsoft Surface.

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