Archaeological sites and historical maps in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has a rich collection of archaeological sites. From foundations of monasteries, houses and gates, to cesspools, defensive walls and even graves with skeletons. These archaeological traces are special because they are linked to the daily lives of the former inhabitants of the city. At deep sites prehistoric finds were found from the time that the city of Amsterdam did not even exist.
Over the past 40 years, Bureau Monuments and Archaeology (BMA) conducted research on hundreds of construction sites throughout the city. The website of the sites is first made available online, along with five historic city maps as a base. These maps provide a picture of how Amsterdam used to look and how it has grown.

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The archaeological sites and historical maps have been digitized by the Archaeology Department of the BMA in collaboration with the Planning Department (DRO) of the City of Amsterdam. The website is dynamic and will be updated with new information regularly. The cards are used for archeology lessons and the ArcheoHotspot in the Allard Pierson Museum, but are also very useful for anyone who wants to know about the history of Amsterdam.

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