3D scanning of tombstones

Schermafbeelding 2014-02-15 om 00.22.17Aim of the EU financed HERCUL project is to contribute to the (digital) preservation of highly valuable and unique ancient Greek cemetery sites in four countries of the Balkan region: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The expected results are (a.o.) Know-how and experience in research about stećci tomb stones exchanged and shared by networking of experts in the wider Balkan region ensuring sustainability of preservation activities and promotion of heritage for the future generations. As many EU-funded (heritage) projects HERCUL also aims at preservation activities that create conditions for new employment opportunities and income generation for local communities.

As a result of the project Digital Mind generated highly optimized and realistically textured 3D models of more then 80 tombstones form two ancient Greek cemeteries near village of Hrte, municipality Prijepolje in southern Serbia. For each tombstone, based on the 3D scanned model they did detailed orthographic projections used in a standard format of archaeological documentation.

Digital Mind, a company focused on developing new and innovative technologies like holographic installations and pyramids, cubes, transparent LCD’s and interactive surfaces, was commissioned to produce archaeological documentation of the site and do a 3D scanning of all tombstones. They are now extending it with Augmented Reality.

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