underground, Nieuwland Erfgoedcentrum Lelystad

nieuwlandIn 2004 we where asked to create a presentation about archaeology for children in the new heritage centre Nieuwland. We decided to make it truth well told and to design an excavation through children’s eyes. A dig that hides treasures that can be dug up and a temporary cabin on top of it where objects can be examined and determined. The essential strategy: you can start playing right away, instructions for more interaction are very simple and if you want more, the information is integrated in the background of the design. This makes sure everybody has a good time and there are many layers in the presentation. To our surprise and I suppose after some thoughts to our compliments we saw some of these things back in archaeological visitor centre the Dig in York a year later…

City: Lelystad
Country: Netherlands
Budget: € 50.000 – € 100.000
Websites: Nieuwland heritage

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