Test excavation at Domplein Utrecht

test-excaveArcheology is an expert domain, that much seems certain. The public domain out in the open seems dangerous territory for a profession that likes to keep things underground as much as possible. But not in Utrecht at the Domplein. At the site of the former cathedral that collapsed during the tornado of 1674, there is an empty square now. But we are going to create an underground visitor centre there among the foundations of the once migthy pillars.
A crucial step in that development was the test excavation in the summer of 2006. The experts wanted to see what things looked like underground and the Initiatief Domplein persuaded them to have citizens from Utrecht helping them. After some hesitation they agreed and the results were broad support from citizens and politicians for future development. From that summer on, the public and the archeological domain in Utrecht share some interests, which is absolutely benificial for both.

City: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Budget: € 0 – € 10.000
Websites: Domplein 2013

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