Seeing Beneath Stonehenge

stonehengeA stunning way in which deep scientific research emerges in an state of the art digital visual. The Stonehenge Riverside Project is exploring the archaeological evidence of the Stonehenge area. Since the start of the project in 2003 the results have led to a re-interpretation of how Neolithic people interacted with this most monumental of landscapes, leading to the discovery of settlements, processional routes and ritual centres. Project highlights have included the discovery of a Neolithic ‘village’ at Durrington Walls, the re-excavation of an Aubrey Hole at Stonehenge and in 2009 the discovery of Bluehenge, a small Henge located at the end of the Avenue beside the river Avon. The results of these researches are made visible in a very spectacular way.

Seeing Beneath Stonehenge uses Google Earth to transport you around the virtual landscape of this magnificent monument. You can interact with the exciting discoveries of the Stonehenge Riverside Project and learn more about the archaeology of this internationally important site.
Once you have downloaded the Google Earth layers you can:

• Take a virtual guided tour of the Stonehenge landscape

• Visit the Neolithic village of Durrington Walls, including taking a trip inside a prehistoric house

• See reconstructions of Bluestonehenge and the Southern Circle, showing how these monuments may have looked in prehistory
The tool is easy to use and requires Google Earth to be installed on your computer.

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