image801The Limes, former border of the Roman empire ranged from Scotland to Morocco and crossed the Netherlands as well. A great (hi)story, but hardly anything tangible, since virtually everything disappeared under a thick layer of clay. How do you bring this heritage to the attention of a big audience? When we got this job, the first thing we decided is to turn our weakness into a strength. The fact that in Holland you have to search for the Limes got the core of Limesquaestio, an online game that combines digital interaction with physical visits. At highlight spots along the Limes, riddles can be found that tell about the location, unlock riddles, reveal part of a bigger story on the internet and lead you to the next stone. Altogether the game stimulates, helps and awards people in active search of heritage that once existed.

City: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Budget: € 50.000 – € 100.000

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