A Spiritual Act

Obviously churches are built for spiritual purposes, but it is sometimes difficult to maintain that role in nowadays society. In many places the flashes of cameras overwhelm the burning candles. As tourists we are certainly looking for the splendour of these buildings, but as human beings many of us are looking for that peaceful moment as well. In the cathedral of Exeter they have found many solutions to do just that. Not in the old fashioned way, but with an eye for contemporay needs and forms. In one of the chapels visitors can leave a stone to burden someones weight. Here and there accompanied by wishes, apologies or messages. Silent, simple, but impressive in its effectiveness. In another children were asked to visualize what Christian topics mean to them: peace, heaven, angels etc. The result is sometimes full of humour, but also touching, or just beautiful. All in all this is a refreshing example of a monument that not only boasts one of the most beautiful ceilings in the world, but gives new life to its spiritual core by inviting people to participate in their own way.

€ 0 – € 10.000
Exeter Cathedral
United Kingdom

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