Digging Together

In the North of England there is a visitor centre devoted to archeology, appropriately called the DIG. It has different activities and presentations, but one that I would like to highlight is the area where young visitors can explore archeological findings. This is not unusual, but here there are people to assist and explain and that unfortunately is not quite common. The presence of qualified assistents makes this simple activity a lot more interesting. How does it work, what do these things mean and where can I find more? Normally these questions linger on or are explained in text somewhere, but with real people you can come up with anything that you like. And it encourages visitors also to start talking to each other. The impact of the activity thus shifts from simply doing to an explorative social setting where people find out much more than they would have done alone. I am aware that this is not always possible, but would like to point out anyway that the added value of simple means combined to real people is sometimes bigger than the use of the latest technological inventions.

€ 10.000 – € 50.000
DIG York
DIG York 
United Kingdom

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