Bunker for Free

Anno, the organisation that recently stopped its activities has been at the front end of reaching wide audiences with historical subjects. They had different tactics, but one of the most effective ones was to go where the action is. Don’t wait untill your audience comes to you, just go where your audience goes. And that turned out to be in shopping malls and crowded public spaces on saturday afternoons. One of their rewarded activities was the Bunker that travelled throughout the country to tell people about World War II, while shopping…
A mobile unit disguised from the outside as a bunker was placed in busy places and people could get inside and be confronted with a series of events and personal questions. And precisely that was probably the biggest impact: catching people off guard in their natural habitat and seducing them to open up for a while to wonder what they would do if all the luxury dissapeared and things got really bad. It looked nice, it had experiential elements, but its social function did the real trick.

€ 250.000 – € 500.000
Stichting Anno
City / Region

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