Puy du Fou

Puy du Fou is an historical themepark that seems mostly overlooked outside of France and that a real pity. I stumbled upon it while on holiday, but it turned out the be one of the most outstanding examples of historical entertainment that I have ever seen. A vast area that covers alle major periods in history, Realistic villages with appropriate and lively activity, but especially gigantic shows. There is a medieval battleground full of revolving castles, a thundering vikingshow and biggest of all: a reconstructed roman arena that offers parades, gladiator battles, wild animal fights and exciting races. Number of seats: 10.000…
And that’s during the day, because the castle next door is the stage for the biggest spectacle in open air in the world with 15.000 people in the audience. Puy du Fou definitely shows that history and fun can be very good companions. At least worth the detour, but for fans even worth the visit.

Puy du Fou
€ 500.000 +
Puy du Fou

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