kalkrieseVarusschlacht is one of the most important battles that the Romans have lost in the centuries that the emperors ruled. Three legions under the command of general Varus went down in the woods of barbaric Germania. Today, a park and museum testify of that event. I was there on a bright januaryday and the whole place was completely silent and covered in snow: eerie and impressive. From the entrance a trail of iron slabs leads through the park. Every one of them tells about the battle in a different way. Some offer plain information, while others tell stories of the excavations itself. But the one that impressed me most was a love letter from a Roman soldier to his wife. Grand history brought back to its essence: thousands of individual lives lost, and a formidable army that had feelings too….

City: Kalkriese
Country: Germany
Budget: € 500.000 +
Websites: Kalkriese-Varusschlacht

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