Duisburg Diving

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What do you do when you literally have hundreds of square kilometers of industrial heritage? That was the challenge for the vast Ruhr area. A rough zone of steel, concrete and weed has been transformed, slowly but gradually over the years. Although it was already some time ago that I was there, from the looks at the website it got even better. At Duisburg Nord some parts are left to time and the wheather, but more and more parts are turned into stages for alle kinds of leisure and sports. Huge walls are the backdrop for rockclimbing challenges and desolate halls stages for events. But perhaps most impressing of all was the gigantic tank that used to hold gas, but now contains tons and tons of of water. A new diving facility is created where the adventorous can dive up to 30 meters deep and find alle kinds of industrial relics under the surface. The solutions here clearly show that heritage can be more than fun.

City: Duisburg
Country: Germany
Budget: € 50.000 – € 100.000
Organisation: Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord
Websites: Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

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