Digital Storytelling in Chester

chesterDigital storytelling refers to a short form of digital film-making that allows everyday people to share aspects of their life story. One can define digital storytelling as the process by which diverse peoples share their life story and creative imaginings with others. In a two day workshop all participant transform a personal memory into a short video. 

As part of the Portico project we have used this method to collect personal stories about heritage sites in four European cities: Ghent, Chester, Utrecht and Cologne.
In August of 2011 a digital storytelling workshop was organized in Chester to share and collect personal stories on the value and relevance of Chester’s heritage in the life of current inhabitants. 

A group of seven storytellers met for two days and developed a short one-minute film. Nick was one of the storytellers present and tells how the past still bring color to his day-to-day life. Maybe his voice will make you see Chester through his eyes.

City: Chester
Country: United Kingdom
Budget: € 0 – € 10.000

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