Castellum walls at Domplein, Utrecht

castellumThe Domplein square in Utrecht is loaded with history. The Romans founded their camp here and its ruins were used by Willibrord to build a chapel from which he started converting the low countries some 600 years later. This development literally reached its peak with the Domtower in the 14th century. After a storm that destroyed part of the cathedral in 1674 a wound in the city remained.
But from 2007 on the Intiatief Domplein turned history into a new future with many plans that are currently being realised. One of them is the playground itself: the former castellum walls. They are marked by an iron strip in the streets, that breathe light and fog every 15 minutes. By crossing this line, people are reminded of the fact that they step into a different space and time.

City: Utrecht
Country: Netherlands
Budget: € 500.000 +
Websites: Domplein 

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