Caesars crime scene in Rome

caesarThe emperor is dead, long live the emperor! Arguably there a no cities in the world with more archaeology than Rome and the thing that annoys me all the time is that they have so much of it, that just digging it up is enough to enthral people. In other words: I’m just being jealous and I love Rome for it… Here the ‘historical sensation’ is more real then ever and it reaches its height in a place that is not even that central. I’m talking about the Area Sacra, a relatively small square amidst busy streets, with nothing much to see. But it happens to be the location where Julius Caesar was murdered by Brutus & co. Top five crime scene in global history. But the most striking part is not history itself. It is the fact that there are still roses on the actual spot. It made me see that a living memory through a simple flower tells more than all the textbooks in the world. Romans will never forget where they came from and who got them there…

City: Rome
Country: Italy
Budget: € 0 – € 10.000
Websites: Area Sacra

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