about: LEVEL & MODE



about the Levels
The levels represent the WHAT or WHY in the communication process. They connect to evolutionary stages of basic human development and personal lifetime.
But they also connect to basic human energies that are all equally important, but demand different approaches. In good practice communication often is performed
at different levels, but there is also a focus on one of them.

The intention here is to keep and present things as much as they where or are. The essence is conservative. People look for the historic sensation and origins.
They do this to reconnect to their roots.
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The intention here is to create fun & entertainment. The essence is attractive. People look for pleasure, diversion and sensation.
They do this to feel good.
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The intention here is to activate people and challenge them in every way. The essence is playful, competetive and inquisitive.
People look for discovery and satisfaction of curiosity. They do this energise themselves.
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The intention here is to educate people. The essence is authorative and rational. People look for knowledge and definition.
They do this to learn about the world.
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The intention here is to present maximum quality. The essence is impressive. People look for uniqueness and excellence.
They do this to admire.
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The intention here is to identify the unique character of places, things and people. The essence is relational.
People look for personal identity and social connection. They do this to identify themselves.
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The intention here is to interpret reality into an expressive setting. The essence is inspiring. People look for imagination, sense and creativity.
They do this to open up.
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The intention here is to engage into taking part. The essence is motivating. People look for experiences and activities with real added value.
They do this to be part of something bigger.
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The intention here is to integrate everything into a holistic perspective. The essence is reflective and transformational.
People look for insight, values and meaning. They do this make sense of their life.
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The intention here is to become essentially one. The essence is unitive. People look for wholeness, peace of mind and freedom.
They do this to be who they are.
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The modes represent the HOW in the communication process. These encompass all the passive and active ways through which we connect ourselves to the world around us.

Although often these modes are mixed, most of the time one of them is dominant. Each mode has different power and serves differrent purposes.
They are also loosely connected to different learning styles.

This mode is about seeing. It deals with beauty, illustration, images, and objects. It speaks to the eye. Prototypes are classical museums.
Learning styles that connect well are the dreamer or recharger.
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This mode is about understanding. It deals with thinking, speaking, telling and knowing. It speaks to the mind. Prototypes are classical information centres.
Learning styles that connect well are the thinker or professional.
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This mode is about experiencing. It deals with sensations, impressions and emotions. It speaks to the senses. Prototypes are classical experiences.
Learning styles that connect well are the experience seeker or concrete experiencer.
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This mode is about doing. It deals with activities, being hands on and liveliness. It speaks to the body. Prototypes are classical science centres.
A learning style that connects well is the active experimentator.
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This mode is about sharing. It deals with relating, connecting or competing to other people. It speaks to the heart. Prototypes are festivals or social media.
A learning style that connects well is the social learner.
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This mode is about shaping. It deals with expression and creation. It speaks to the spirit. Proto¬types are experiments or ateliers.
A learning style that connects well is the creator.
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